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Many places deliberately make their customers wait in line for a while, since a long queue indicates a popular club.
Only the Telia network supports edge.
If you see a street fight, keep a safe distance and dial the European emergency number 112.
For desserts, a rice pudding is common.A more generic word would be Uttagsautomat ; Uttag, Minuten and Kontanten may also occur.Your primary concern especially in wintertime will be the cold, particularly if trekking or skiing in the northern parts.Therefore, microbrews cost largely the same as major brands, and might be a more interesting choice.Resrobot is on-line tool for finding the best modes of transport between two locations, without booking features, though.See Denmark section about how to get from Copenhagen to Sweden.One coffee will cost you around 25 SEK (3,5/2,8).Smaller airports: Stockholm Skavsta ( iata : NYO ) ( icao : eskn ) 2 - airport for low fares airlines like Ryanair 3 and Wizzair.
Understand edit Although having been a military power and spanning about three times its current size during the 17th century, Sweden is one of the two European countries that has not been at war since 1815, the other being Switzerland.
A common vacation spot for mainland Swedes.

Counterfeit Swedish banknotes or other documents are very uncommon.Bring edit Credit card.Most bars and clubs that remain open until 03:00 will charge an entrance fee.Nightclubs and shopping centers usually have security officers with a chest badge saying ordningsvakt, authorized to use force, and infamous to.The northernmost part presentkort stockholm tourist center of Sweden belongs to the Arctic.Religion 23 theist (mainly Lutheran with Muslim and Catholic minorities 76 non theist (including 23 atheist).Sliced, fried and eaten with ketchup and mashed potatoes.The Baltic Sea lies to the east of Sweden, as well as the Gulf of Bothnia, which separates Sweden from most of Finland.
Rinkeby in Stockholm, with violent crimes and robberies being more and more common.
Alcohol taxes are high, clubs and bars are legally required to also have a kitchen in order to serve alcohol, clubs and bars must close at certain times and always employ a number of certified security guards in accordance with the closing time and guest.