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Getting blamed for a messy bathroom stall. .
Then Zeke requests the I Like Spaghetti recap song, a fan favorite.James shares a story where he and his wife are very concerned that they have just been served jerky made from a recently deceased dog.Brittany looses her eyebrow piercing.Then where he pretended to be stuck in an elevator.Join hosts James Kennison and John Steinklauber and laugh along every week.Steves Dad paints his own eyes yellow.Jennifer returns as guest-host.This week Justin tells rabattkod hp envy us about his least favorite nelly rabattkode april 2018 outhouse.These words actually: cigarette, feature, gate, shopping, pure, restrictive, frilly, heartbreaking.Camp is just controlled chaos and he loves silence.Support us via Patreon!
It involves a 7-Eleven, a broken Slurpee machine, a young assistant manager and a sick daughter.
What kind of tales?

This week James tells of the night his worst nightmares came true.Plus new segments and listener stories! .Keith blames his brother for a flooded tent.Plus, James talks about three stupid kids on a well-loved Disney ride.Louie for sending in his favorite NLPast moment.This week were sharing your funny real-life stories and inviting you to do the same.Hes got problems with Westinghouse and isnt afraid to rant in a calm voice about it!This week weve got some great clean-comedy stories for ya: Puddle o Lando, an assistant headed to H-E double-hockey-sticks, Flammable 70s Shag, Stolen goose head, and why James has to beat his car.Opening Song: If My Wife Knew James Kennison (mp3) Sponsors: Ana Silva, Westside of Mars Podcast sweclockers dustin rabatt Sponsor your own Episode!Show Recap: John loves and hates kids camp.What do they think is funny?

Weve got a ton of listener-submitted stories thatll make you laugh till your inner-child starts complaining!