Promo codes hitbtc

promo codes hitbtc

Once on the Ledger Wallet site add the items you with to purchase to your shopping cart and click the cart icon.
Example: curl -u "publicKey:secret" m/api/2/trading/balance Trading Balance GET /api/2/trading/balance Responses: Name Type Description currency String available Number Amount available for trading or transfer to main account reserved Number Amount reserved for active orders or incomplete transfers to main account Example response: "currency "ETH "available "10.000000000.Trade using our industry leading rest-API jotex rabattkod november 2018 or connect via our FIX interface and get access to even more features!If filter by timestamp, then datetime.Default is M30 (30 minutes).Many coupons are also time sensitive and will only be active for a short period of time so make sure that the code hasnt expired.Update it for a better user experience.Attempt to cancel already filled or expired order.Accepted values: id, timestamp.If you find that the discount isnt being applied, you should first check if the code has been typed correctly, we recommend you copy and paste the code to avoid any typos.Stipulates that a newly entered order is to cancel a prior order entered, but yet to be executed.Example: "jsonrpc "2.0 "method "report "params "id " "clientOrderId "symbol "ethbtc "side "sell "status "filled "type "limit "timeInForce "GTC "quantity "0.001 "price "0.053868 "cumQuantity "0.001 "createdAt "T12:20:05.952Z "updatedAt "T12:20:38.708Z "reportType "trade "tradeQuantity "0.001 "tradePrice "0.053868 "tradeId rabatt resor kommunal 55051694, "tradeFee "-0.000000005" Place New Order Method: newOrder Params.Symbol config contain tickSize parameter which means that price should be divide by tickSize without residue.Coupon code: CCN5 (50 off sitewide).

Too low and too high commission value will be rounded to valid values.The value for this member must be an Object as defined in section Error response Market Data The parameters of requests, responses, and errors correspond to rest, but usage flow differ.As shown in the screenshot below and click.Quantity Number Order quantity price Number Order price cumQuantity Number Cumulative executed quantity createdAt Datetime updatedAt Datetime stopPrice Number expireTime Datetime Get Active orders curl -X GET -u a9ae13c94713" "m/api/2/order" import requests session ssion th "fb453577d a9ae13c94713 b m/api/2/order.json print(b) The above command returns json.Make the most out of your trading bot with our leading API and its low latency data and execution feeds.Required for deposit if persist Withdraw crypto "id post /api/2/account/crypto/withdraw Parameters: Name Type Description currency String Currency amount Number The amount that will be sent to the specified address address String paymentId String Optional parameter networkFee Number or String Optional parameter.Responses: Name Type Description id Number Unique identifier for Trade as assigned by exchange orderId Number Unique identifier for Order as assigned by exchange clientOrderId String Unique identifier for Order as assigned by trader.Http Status codes 200 OK Successful request 400 Bad Request.Price, quantity, fee etc., should be arbitrary precision numbers and string representation.